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Overview for Original Stitch Custom Dress Shirts

I was really excited to order my first custom dress shirt from Original Stitch, because they had a lot of fun fabric options to play with, and they’re a bit less expensive than competitors. Unfortunately, it’s all kinds of down hill from there. I’ve run into some serious sizing issues, a missing re-make, and generally poor customer service. I’ll go over what I experienced each step of the way so you can get an idea of whether Original Stitch may still be a fit for your needs, or if you want to check out one of our other custom dress shirt reviews.

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Fabric Quality:   4.5/5
Fit:   1/5
Ease of Ordering:   3/5
Customer Service:  1/45
Price:   4/5



  • Lots of fabrics to choose from
  • Relatively low price point


  • Unusually poor fit of the shirt
  • Challenging to order on mobile devices
  • Takes an unusually long time to arrive
  • Poor customer service

The shirt

Fabric quality & selection

I really liked both the main fabric and the accent fabric I chose for the collar of the shirt. The accent fabric was a bit sturdier (which is great for a collar) and the print looked great. Since this shirt was a bit more affordable than some of the other custom shirt brands I’ve tested out, I was pleasantly surprised by the quality.

Fabric selection is where, in my opinion, Original stitch shines. They have a large number of styles to choose from, including some fun and quirky prints, some luxe patterns, and all the classic solids and stripes you’d expect. Some of the prints veer off into tacky or cliche territories, but there’s enough solid options to choose from that this doesn’t really present a problem.

The ordering process

User experience

When I first tried to order my custom shirt from Original Stitch, I was on my phone and received a Facebook ad from the company. The mobile experiences was honestly inoperable. I got frustrated halfway through and gave up on trying to build the shirt I had been working on.

The desktop experience is much easier to work with, and honestly a pretty slick shirt builder. There are still a few small kinks to work out with the user experience, but it’s a lot easier to work with than mobile.

Finding the right fit

Like other custom dress shirt companies, Original Stitch has a quick and easy quiz that is supposed to determine your custom size. Unlike other companies however, the quiz didn’t come anywhere close to getting my size right. The shirt was about 3 sizes too large for me, and the sleeves came down past my knuckles. It gave the visual effect of a kid dressing up in his dad’s dress shirt, which is almost impressive for a guy that’s 6’5″. To be fair, Original Stitch does also offer the ability to enter each measurement manually, so if you know your measurements or have a friend with a tape measure, you might be able to avoid the fit issues that I experienced.


Original Stitch offers a fair amount of customization as you’re crafting your own personal dress shirt. From 12 collar and 6 cuff styles, to 17 button colors, to monogramming, you can affect most elements of the shirt. This is pretty huge for me, because I can create a modern mandarin collar shirt with a hipster vibe, or a french cuff point collar business button up, or a sporty oxford perfect for yachting in the Hamptons.

Delivery timeline

I purchased my custom dress shirt from Original Stitch back on September 26th, 2017. I received a little less than a month later on October 19th. Most other custom dress shirt companies were able to get my shirt to me within a week or two, so it’s a little longer than most, but not a totally unreasonable timeline for a custom shirt.

Since the fit of my shirt was quite a bit off however, I needed to request a re-make. I did this on November 6th, and never heard back. So I reached out again on 12/28, and they got back to me saying they never saw my original request. The morale of the story here is that Original Stitch may not be a great option if you’re in a hurry or really need to hit a specific deadline.

Original Stitch guarantee/returns

Like other custom shirt companies, Original Stitch offers one free re-make of your dress shirt if it doesn’t fit. What I noticed right away though, is how different the experience was.

Whereas companies like Son of a Tailor and Proper Cloth had a pretty open “we want you to be happy” policy, Original Stitch has a small laundry list (pun intended) of requirements that your situation needs to fit in order to be eligible. And once you’ve submitted your re-make request, you’re sent a one-sentence confirmation without any details, except a reminder of all the different qualifications your request needs to fit.

Final thoughts

I honestly would not recommend Original Stitch. Unless they have the perfect fabric combination for you, and you don’t mind spending a few months getting your shirt, it’s just not worth it. I know their prices are a little less up front, but you’ll pay for it in the long run with time and frustration.

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